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Thoughts behind: A couple of weeks ago I told some friends about how I had received a fine for buying a wrong train ticket. I did not try to cheat anyone - I really thought I had bought the right ticket.
My friend outbursted: 'Sometimes it is just difficult to be a human!'.
And it is - even though you try your hardest to always do the RIGHT thing, you still sometimes end up with a 'fine'.

Det er svært at være menneske / It is difficult to be a human

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  • Title

    Det er hårdt at være menneske / It is difficult to be a human 

  • Product details

    Original linocut print. 


    Printed with red and black oil-based ink on 250 g/m2 paper.

    All of my linocut prints are handmade and are therefore unique. They all have their own distinctive characters and non of them are exactly the same.

  • Dimensions

    30 x 30 cm

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