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Thoughts behind: This illustration is inspired by an anatomical drawing of a heart. The two persons on the illustration constitue each their heartchamber - but only together can they make a beating functioning heart


The title 'Min hjertenskær' is inspired by the Disney song 'Du er min hjertenkær'  (from Tarzan). I have always loved this song and expecially the word 'hjertenkær' ('beloved of my heart'). Since this illustration took inspiration in an anatomical drawing of a heart I thought that 'Hjertenskær' was the perfect title. 

Min hjertenskær / Beloved of my heart

kr 450,00Price
  • Product details

    Original linocut print. 


    The linocut is printed with red and blue oil-based ink on handmade paper khadi from India.

    All of my linocut prints are handmade and are therefore unique. They all have their own distinctive characters and non of them are exactly the same. 


  • Title

    Min hjertenskær / Beloved of my heart

  • Dimensions

    30 x 40 cm

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