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Who am I?

Yicks, how do you even answer such a question? Maybe we should try to get the 'facts' straight first:

My name is Louise Østergaard Knudsen. Im 28 years old and I live in 'The city of smiles' - aka. Aarhus, Denmark. I have a cat, a boy friend, and an endless hunger for pick-and-mix candy. 

Well, that must be the most important facts about me. If you haven't got bored of my life yet, let me try to explain you my thoughts behind LØKArt.

I have always loved to draw and paint. It has been my way of escaping the mundane everyday life and journey into a world of colors and endless opportunities.   

A couple of years ago I had my first encounter with severe anxiety. Back then I studied Anthropology, but do to.. well, a sudden totalt existential crisis, I took a leave of absence from university and started on an Art School (Skolen for Kunst og Design) in Aarhus.

Here, I rediscovered my childish joy for drawing. When the pen touched the paper, I could let go of my negative thought spirals and journey into another world. 

Today, I study theology at Aarhus University. Almost all of my illustrations has started as a sketch in a notebook, doodled during a boring lecture about ancient greek grammar or luthers 95 thesis. 

I hope to become a priest someday. Priest and artist - doesn't that sound like the dream!?

I hope that you can recognise yourself in some of my work. To me, the point of 'art' is to communicate your feelings and experiences to others. When we see us-self reflected in other peoples thoughts we realise that we are truly never alone. 



Why linocut?

I fell in love with linocut printing during the first corona lockdown. Making a linocut print is a long process - finding inspiration, sketching, carving, mixing colors, applying ink and finally printing. The proces is not always linear and often it takes several weeks before a sketch in a notebook turns into a finished print.   

My favorit thing in the world is to sit in my small atelier with a bowl of candy, my cat and a Disney movie. This is where I find my peace. 

Would you like to try linocutting? Check this out.


Kursus i linoleumstryk 

Vil du gerne selv kaste dig ud i linoleumstrykkes farverige univers?

I samarbejde med Skolen for Kunst og Design afholder jeg dagskurser i linoleumstryk.

Kurset afholdes typisk en lørdag på Skolen for Kunst og Design på Klostertorvet i Aarhus C og varer 5,5 time. 



Interesseret i et privat kursus? Kontakt mig her på siden.

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