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Thoughts behind: Ravens hace through time often been connected with 'the uncanny'. But I have always liked ravens -  in nordic mythology the ravens, as Odins helpers, are symbols of 'wisdom' and 'memory'. The first time I went to Greenland the first thing I noticed, except for all the snow, was the ravens. The Greenlandic raven, or Tulugaq, are gigantic and extremely beatiful. The fly around over the icy landscape minding their own buisness but, at the same time, you cant help but feeling that the keep an eye on all of us. Observing. Remembering. 

Blue Ravens

kr 400,00Price
  • Title

    Blue Ravens

  • Product details

    Original linocut print.


    Printed with blue oil-based ink on handmade paper with small cork pieces. 

    All of my linocut prints are handmade and are therefore unique. They all have their own distinctive characters and non of them are exactly the same. 

  • Dimensions

    30 x 42 (A3)

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